this forums is for samp rpg server where people can make app for families factions helpers adminstrator and can suggest something about server and can know sv rules.

    Family App Format


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    Family App Format

    Post by Hitman on Sun Mar 29, 2015 8:06 pm

    Character Name:

    Character Level:

    Family Name:

    Family Type:

    Family Members (Min 3 Including owner):

    Playing Hours:

    Screenshot of /stats IG:

    Family Story (Min. 180 Words):

    Family main objective:

    Preview of Headquarters:

    Chosen Territory (Street Gang Only):

    Skins :

    Vehicles :

    Any additional Information?:
    By signing the below area you agree to all the rules that have been set and maybe changed at any point. You also agree to always follow the rules and Roleplay as much as possible. You also must understand the 3 strikes you're out system the server works with for Families.
    I Promose that i wont break rules and keep roleplaying, Im did read the rules .The owner may not argue with the admins about being disbanded for more than 3 strikes. You also Promise to post weekly Roleplay Media.
    <Sign with Family Name here>

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